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Freedom Fuel – 'Dance!' Album Review


1. Dancing 2. Planet Away 3. Two To Tango 4. Suspension of Disbelief 5. Goddageda 6. Can't Get Enough 7. System Fail 8. Right Here 9. Part Of Me

10. Catch Phrase For Believers

This could have been the review that broke me, it’s certainly going to be the shortest one that has took the longest.

'Dance!' Every fibre is telling me to simply type “BUY ME”.

I love it, like seriously love it. I don’t know why, I can’t give you examples of bands they sound like, I just Ruddy love it! I’m struggling to get past “WOW” if I’m honest.

I can tell you it’s catchy as hell, I can tell you the lead track “Dancing” has made it to mix cd status already. I would normally do a bit of research into the band too but I just don’t want to, the album is just pure Pop perfection. I rate this album 5 stars out of 5 I told you this would be short...

Review - Andrew Forcer

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