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Holding Absence - 'Holding Absence' Album Review


1. Perish 2. Your Love (Has Ruined My Life) 3. Like A Shadow 4. You Are Everything 5. Marigold 6. To Fall Asleep 7. Monochrome 8. A Godsend 9. Last Of The Evening Light 10. Purge 11. Wilt

Holding Absence have been around the block a couple of times now - having co-headlined with Loathe, supported both As It Is and Young Guns and played huge festivals such as Download, Slam Dunk and 2000 Trees. They have been building up momentum for the last few years and they release their debut album, which is self titled “Holding Absence”.

Starting with faint guitar tones, you hear the counting in, then you get a power of thumping drums. That signature move by Holding Absence of the slight stop and start again and again is in full flow. “Perish” is a track which has been on their live set list for sometime and was a single released by the band. It’s full of what Holding Absence have been working towards the past few years, the track has depth and energy behind it.

Next up, “Your Love (Has Ruined My Life)” a track which carries emotional lyrics. This filters through every note struck by each band member - this track echos the togetherness Holding Absence have, the joy of playing together and building something exciting, this reflects in their work.

Now time for the massive single “Like A Shadow” - this song is a turning point for the band, it’s catchy, easy to sing a long to and still also holds onto the cinematic character of Holding Absence. “You Are Everything” has both gritty vocals and riffs, it has a perfect blend of heavy and gentle sides of the band.

Something I was surprised Holding Absence hadn’t done before was a stripped back version of their songs. “Marigold” makes up for this - a piano piece which exposes Lucas’ vocal for the first time. It’s perfect to say the least.

Those crashing drums are back and right at the centre of it all in “To Fall Asleep”. Thrown straight back into the deep end after a slower piece, this tracks has high tempo which unites the band once again - the lead vocals are strained from start to the end but Lucas never loses his talent. Keeping up the pace with final single “Monochrome” - this track showcases how Holding Absence have grown since their first release, it’s well structured rhythm and electronics stand out.

Next is “A Godsend” - feeling like a rollercoaster, we slow back down but this time the whole band are involved. We move onto drums of “Last Of The Evening Light” - a track which flows in between tempo speeds, it’s excitement and passion breaks through come the chorus. Back to a piano piece with “Purge” - Holding Absence have shown a whole new side to themselves.

Final track “Wilt” is emotional driven art from the heart by each member of the band for six minutes and thirty-eight seconds. There is a build up happening for the last time on the LP and we explode into screaming vocals, heavy guitars and hard hitting drum skins. I believe Holding Absence have found their new song to finish their live sets on.

This is album the of the year.

This is Holding Absence.

Review - Jake Williams

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