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BrighterDays - 'All's Fair In Love & War' EP Review


1. Make Ammends

2. Again

3. Solstice

4. Loose Ends

5. 5 Year Curse

BrighterDays are an American Pop Punk band from Scranton, PA. Who's most recent EP "All's Fair In Love & War" is something to get excited for. This will also be the last release to feature Tyler Dibble as lead vocals. But this whole EP is really going to go down as a Pop Punk heavyweight.

The Track "Make Ammends" is catchy and riffy. The lyrics almost seem like an apology to a former lover, or friend. This song is seriously a banger. If you're a Pop Punk fan you'll really love it. Drummer Micah Neiss says "This was the most fun I've had recording drums." Which is good right? Who doesn't like to have fun.

"Again" is the acoustic song off the EP. It's a very traditional Pop Punk song. Almost reminds you of the Starting Line. You can feel the emotion when Tyler sings "now we're just strangers again." Tyler Dibble said "At the start of this EP I was going through a rough patch, working with past traumas I hadn't previously dealt with." I wanna just keep this song playing again and again.

The next track we have is "Solstice". This is another very riff heavy song. Almost has a hint of Easycore in it. Very reminicent of Four Year Strong and Neck Deep. This song really let's lead guitarist Brendon Johnson show off his skills. Brendon says "Tyler and I's time at the studio and the hours we spent writing the guitar parts together I wouldn't trade it for the world." Which you can really hear from the awesome riffs in "Solstice". "They helped Tyler and I get closer as friends and also as guitar players." Brendon also adds.

"Loose Ends" is our next track. This is a very Skate Punk sounding song. With hints of The Story So Far, you can feel the energy in the words Tyler sings. This girl messed up hahaha. Tyler says "Hanging out with Brendon and our old bassist Alex kicking back a few beers and writing about our issues is truly what helped me through that rough patch. This was the most fun I had in the studio with Brendon and the mad scientist behind the mix Eric Chesek". This song also features unclean vocals. When they come in is just amazing! Plus with the vocal harmony in the back.....Oh My God!!! Probably my favorite track

on the EP.

The final track that I'll be reviewing is "5 Year Curse". This song is the single off the EP. It's also an Easycore materspiece. Plus the harmonies in it before the unclean vocals hit is to die for. Who doesn't love a good breakdown. The boys in BrighterDays are really onto something with this one. Wouldn't be suprised to see them touring with some bigger bands like Neck Deep or Real Friends, by the years end.

Be sure to be on the look out for BrighterDays "All's Fair In Love and War". Out now for physical copies, and March 10th on all streaming platforms.

Review - Andre Judge

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