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Another Day Dawns - 'A Different Life' Album Review


1. Intro

2. Rage

3. Psycho

4. Empty

5. Empty Outro

6. All Of Me

7. Broken

Hard rockers Another Day Dawns release their album, 'A Different Life'. A compact album that shows off their energy and a glimpse into why they have supported bands such as Fuel, Puddle Of Mud and Godsmack to name a few. A heavy electronic feast introduces you to 'Rage'. A fierce opening track focusing on the struggles of adapting after a heart break, 'Rage' is a brash guitar riff laden message to the recent past. Vocalist, Dakota Sean's gruff yet fragile lyrics open your eyes to what you are expecting from the album. Leading into the bands current single, 'Psycho' takes you by the horns, emerging you straight into blistering guitar, in your face drums and a delicate but pounding bassline. The essence of an entangled love rips through the vocals revealing in the end you might be as messed up as each other! A catchy powerful Rock track, 'Psycho' takes you on a head bobbing trip. Starting off with a calmer eerie melody, 'Empty' utilizes the vocalists grounded tone and quickly turns into an anthemic Hard Rock song that encourages and presents a 'must sing along' attitude. A stand out track on this album, 'Empty' fits perfectly into the picture the band wants to portray including the harmonic, cooling outro. 'All Of Me', puts you on a slightly different path as it offers up an almost Pop Rock flavouring with touches of Live. Effortless vocals flow and power the track and the soaring guitars compliment the structure of 'All Of Me', ultimately guiding you on a beautifully melancholy yet gritty journey. Finishing the album is the melodic hard rocking, 'Broken'. Carrying the same energy as the rest of the tracks, 'Broken' blends the energy of 'Rage' and grace of 'All Of Me' and resonates a gleeful rawness of emotion and angst. An exciting and hard hitting album, 'A Different Life' powerhouses it's way into your existence and promises an angry but welcoming listen. 'A Different Life' is available on all major streaming platforms.

Review - Olly Dean

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