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The Yacht Club Stream New Single 'Glue'

London Math/Emo/Shoegaze quartet The Yacht Club are pleased to be streaming ‘Glue', another new single from their forthcoming debut album, The Last Words That You Said To Me Have Kept Me Here And Safe, which is set for release on 25th January 2019 via Beth Shalom Records. Whilst the rest of TYC’s debut album deals with grieving, loss and closure, ‘Glue’ is a song about finding some goodness in the chaos of life. It’s also one of the band’s more experimental and collaborative songwriting efforts, that hints at wider influences and richer musical horizons on newer material. “It’s about two people who have been through hell and back finding something new and beautiful in each other, even if it’s a little scary and intimidating,” says frontman Marcus Gooda. “I think Emo—or Math Rock, or whatever genre you want to call us—has very few positive love songs, and this is exactly that: a love song. Whilst this is only one of two songs on the album that doesn’t have any guitar tapping in it, it’s also one of the more musically dense. There are three guitar parts, Rhodes piano and two drum kits. We had an absolute blast tracking all the extra instruments and vocals. Starting life off as a demo of just my vocals and piano, it’s a real testament to how we’ve evolved and now create as a band. This is a real team effort.”

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