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Bexley - 'Run Rabbit Run' Single Review

“Run Rabbit Run” is the debut single from Los Angeles based Bexley, who has been writing and performing her own songs since the age of 13 since she realised pre-recorded tracks didn’t suit her and so taught herself to play guitar and began writing her own songs. This release precedes an EP, which is due in January.

The single opens with some nice feedback but from there on its fairly standard Rock fodder I’m afraid. The blurb makes (vocal) comparisons with the likes of Shirley Manson and, sadly, that’s not where the comparison ends. It does sound like it could have been lifted from a Garbage album – it’s that kind of generic Rock song. I don’t know if it has something to do with growing up in Seattle, where she mixed with 'local Rock and Grunge legends to absorb their knowledge’ but it does sound very early 90’s and that to me is a negative – I lived through all the good and bad that came out of the Seattle scene (and the faux Grunge from the UK) and if I feel the need to listen to that kind of thing, I have my CDs. By all means be influenced by that period, reference it, but don’t make music that sounds like it belongs from that era and call it fresh and new.

Review - Chris Watson

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