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FOURS - Two Tribes Brewing Co, London 10.10.2018

I had the pleasure of attending the FOURS showcase gig, the other night, at Two Tribes Brewing Co. Tap Room. It was a great venue for a small gig.

This band have presence, especially their lead singer, this did feel like a very local band as they knew many of their audience, something they will need to work on as, if they can maintain the levels they reached last night they won’t stay a local band for very long. The show was on the whole better than I could I could have hoped for.

A big test for them will be whether they can transfer their sound and presence to a bigger venue, my gut feel is that they will and last night could be the start of an inexorable rise.

Some of the songs and the playing occasionally became a little ragged but there is huge potential in this band. The recent single sounded excellent live, 5 days after its release it should be a massive hit already. There were several other songs in the set that would transfer incredibly well to a larger venue, I could see a crowd bouncing and singing along very happily.

There is power, and an almost soulful quality, to the lead singers voice which worked incredibly well live, this is a voice that doesn’t come along very often, I hope to hear more of it.

The lead singer has been learning health and safety at work recently, she joked if anyone fainted she was ready to help, she may need to keep those skills up to date, they could come in handy as the bands career progresses…...

FOURS – if they are playing near you, go and see them, you won’t regret it!

Review - Iain McClay

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