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PVMNTS - 'Better Days' EP Review


1. Chemical Trails

2. Hit The Ground

3. Standing (On My Own Two Feet)

4. Another Monday

5. White Walls

6. Heavy Moon

PVMNTS have been making a name for themselves this year by playing Slam Dunk Festival, selling out UK shows and making an appearance at Warped Tour! They are topping it all off with the release of their debut EP “Better Days”. It goes something like this.

Kicking things off with single 'Chemical Trails' - it’s fast beat and groovy riffs puts you straight into the thick of it. You can hear PVMNTS have taken the best from Pop-Punk and mixed it with the music they enjoy listening to themselves - a solid start to the EP. Now time to 'Hit The Ground' a track which offers that Emo sound we have all been craving for since Taking Back Sunday started playing Country music.

Track three, 'Standing On My Own'. A slower track but it still has an upbeat pace. I can just imagine this track being sung by thousands of people, it’s repetitive but not in a bad way at all! As we go further into this EP you start to learn something new about PVMNTS with every single track. That brings us to 'Another Monday' - A track about growing up and everyone starting to slow down their lives but you want to be in the fast lane, a prefect reflection of going through your 20’s.

Moving into five minutes and seven seconds of madness, I introduce to you...'White Walls'. It’s huge sound is something you expect from a band who have a couple of albums behind them but PVMNTS are taking the world by storm with tracks just like 'White Walls'. This tracks sounds miles different from how the EP first started, proving PVMNTS have outstanding talent. It’ll be interesting to see where the band will go next and how this sound will be used in future projects.

Final track 'Heavy Moon' adds the heavier sounds to PVMNTS - it’s slightly back to the sound we started off with, fast pace and full of energy - which makes you want to run around the house creating your own circle pits!

It’s an exciting time to be part of the PVMNTS family, they have so much to give! 'Better Days' is just the tip of the iceberg of what this band can achieve.

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Review - Jake Williams

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