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Black Water Chemistry - 'Return To Ashes' EP Review


1. Oracles

2. The Last Iconoclasts

3. Masterstroke

4. Return To Ashes

If ever there was a great way to start an EP, then Black Water Chemistry know how to do it! Straight into blistering guitars and screaming vocals, there isn’t even time to draw breath. Comparisons can be drawn to Linkin Park, but only as a point of reference. 'Oracles' is something of a schizophrenic beast, guttural at times then melodic and gentle at others.

'The Last Iconoclasts' fits into the same groove as 'Oracles', at least to the casual observer, sure its bleak/gentle but it has subtleties within this premise, the arrangement during the “quiet parts” is sparse giving the tune an almost reverential tone.

'Masterstroke', now there’s balls for you! Who would dare call a song that? Well these five guys from Wales seem to have no problem with it. It breaks the pattern the first two tracks have formed, it’s a much gentler intro, the song is less of a split personality, and they sound angry. I like this very much, they have become more comfortable in their own style, and the melody on this also truly is a 'Masterstroke'.

Title track 'Return To Ashes' closes the EP, it’s a screamy, shouty paranoid affair, best played loud, like really loud.

The tracks on this EP are full of riffs, subtleties a second or third listen demands and some damned well banging tunes. The musicianship shines through, the production slick but not overbearing.

'Return To Ashes' is well worth a listen, repeated listens actually. Nice one Blackwater Chemistry, you should be proud.

Review - Andrew Forcer

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