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LOVEBITES - 'Social Hell' EP Review


1. Tick Along

2. Duppy

3. Just Fall

4. Social Hell

Birmingham band LOVEBITES have been together since March 2017 and are set to release their debut EP “Social Hell” on 20th July.

Taking inspiration from bands like The Who and The Police, “Social Hell” is a cracking set of songs with some very Copeland-esque drum parts from Marcus Williams, while Jack Perry’s vocals offer subtle nods toward Roger Daltrey but retaining its own identity.

Title track “Social Hell” takes a view on modern life, with well crafted digs at the “like” culture we all find ourselves in these days “is it love or an evil touch?” and the song showcases David Robinson’s light touch on guitar. It’s a great song but fades a little too early...I was expecting a wee vocal or voiceover to end the track, but it’s a minor niggle.

Other tracks on the EP are “Tick Along”, “Duppy” and “Just Fall” and are full of great tunes allied to some arch lyrics. “Duppy” in particular would quite easily hold its own on a playlist in radio land if some Head of Music takes a chance on it.

Birmingham and it’s surrounds seems to be one of those hot spots in the UK where great bands are born and inspire future generations, and LOVEBITES are in no danger of breaking that tradition.

Great first EP and promise of more great stuff to follow. They also get extra kudos for wanting to produce physical copies of the EP, not just on line streaming. Give them a chance and you’ll be making a smart move.

Review - Chris Watson

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