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Hide Your Eyes Release Video For New Single 'One More'

Hereford rockers Hide Your Eyes who have released new single 'One More'. ‘One More’ plays on the perspective of promising to have only ‘one more’ before you go home, but ‘one more’ always leads to another, whether you’re at home or not. It reflects the feeling of being out of control of your vices, whatever they may be. The song highlights how easy it is to be ignorant to the damage that heavily indulging in these vices may be doing to you and those around you.

"Our brilliant friend Marcos Spalding, who wrote and directed the video, described ‘One More’ as an ‘embodiment of contrapuntal self-deprecation’ which is a posh way of saying ‘it sounds happy but is proper sad’. On face value it’s quite an upbeat and nonchalant song about getting stroppy-drunk and refusing to go home when they’ve called last orders, but lyrically leans towards break ups, living with low self esteem, substance abuse/addiction and the various emotions that tie in with being in that kind of place." explains the band when talking about the new single release.

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