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Yours Truly - ‘High Hopes’ Single Review

Every so often there are magic moments where you hear a song for the first time, and everything else quickly fades into the background. Time stops for those few minutes as the song melds itself to you, and you want everyone else to be able to experience that rush.

‘High Hopes’ is one of those special songs. Yours Truly are a 5 piece from Australia who have also previously released an EP that I quickly picked up after this single. ‘High Hopes’ takes a great riff by Teddie and Lachlan on guitar and marries it to an unbelievable vocal by Mikaila. There are strong elements of Pop Punk at play here, especially with the breakdowns by Jack (bass) and Jackson (drums). What Mikaila does between the pre chorus and chorus in terms of her vocal is jaw dropping. Production is outstanding.

The band has just gone through a bit of a shake up in terms of their members but have been working on new material for a good bit now so I am really excited to see what comes next. Enough talking by me though, check out the video and then go buy this on your choice of digital platform.

Check out the video for‘High Hopes’.

Review - Gerald Stansbury

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