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VNDTA - 'Pale Glow' EP Review


1. Pale Glow

2. Excuses

3. Swine

4. Martyr

5. Rare Breed

6. Leeches

7. Virus

It’s taken me a while to find the time recently to get back on this reviewing train and regrettably it’s lead to me being deprived of this band called VNDTA (pronounced Vendetta), reviewing their EP; 'Pale Glow' has been a thrill. The Prog Metal band hailing from Hertfordshire have been making some serious waves and it’s easy to see why with this album! The opening titular track fades in and quickly hits like a truck, the tempo allows you no time to recover as the catchy rhythm enthralls you, the momentum drives this track ever forward, with interesting guitar lines, booming bass and powerful drums. All this is lead by some of the sickest vocals I’ve ever heard in a band. This is a trait that continues throughout the whole album, there is a sheer presence in each track that looms over as you listen, threatening to cause you harm if you think about switching it off! 'Excuses' is a track I can see becoming a crowd favourite purely based on that catchy chorus which practically lends itself to crowd interactivity, I can see a large group of people all yelling “Excuses Excuses” being a force to be reckoned with. But as for a favourite track I’ll have to say 'Swine' definitely steals it for me, this is probably due to my own bias but the beastly Bass line in that track just absolutely never gets old. The main thing that stands out for me is the sheer presence behind the vocal screams. These have got to be some of the more powerful screams I’ve ever heard in a band which are only improved with the contrasting of the clean vocals lines. It was at this moment I decided I had to make a point of tipping my cap to VNDTA’s Megan, you are one scary sounding lady! Ultimately these guys have created a huge sound, the guitars find a perfect split between eerie ominous tones, heavy chugging guitars and face melting lead. The Bass is booming and ever forward moving and quite rightly given it’s own opportunities to shine through. The wicked Bass intervals throughout the track: 'Swine' come to mind! (told you I really liked it) This is ever improved by the immense coupling of the pounding drums in a synergy of rhythm section that creates the foundation which no band could flourish without. Overall I thought this EP was great, the sound these guys have created is massive and interesting and definitely stands apart in the crowd. But one criticism could be the more in reference to the more “open your eyes” feel to some of the lyrics at times, which for me can sometimes switch me off. Although I’ll happily admit this is probably more against my own personal tastes. Other than that VNDTA are definitely a band to keep an eye on, and I eagerly anticipate what’s in store for them in the future.

Review - Ric Snell

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