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Sick N’ Beautiful -‘Element Of Sex’ Album Review


1. Fire True

2. Megalomanical

3. All Wanna Go To Heaven

4. Hellawake

5. Slam

6. HeXxX (The Element Of Sex)

7. Cryptid

8. New Witch 666 (The Rising)

9. Heart December (Gates II)

10. Cummunion

When Was (Not Was) recorded “Out Come The Freaks” did they in some kind of Pop and Rock Nostradamus kind of way foretell the rise of Sick ‘N’ Beautiful?

Maybe they did because this bunch of mental Romans are true freaks in the best possible way. Just take a look at who they cite as their influences on their Facebook profile; Kiss, Rob Zombie, Nine Inch Nails, Alice Cooper, Metallica, Garbage, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, No Doubt, Rammstein and Marilyn Manson. Now that is truly eclectic. They describe themselves as “The greatest Rock n' Roll freakshow of certifiable aliens in the universe! Meet the New Witch, and the other filthy renegades on the ship of Satan in space” and judging from their second album ‘Element Of Sex’ I believe all of that to be true!

This record follows their first album ‘Hell Over Hell’ from 2015 and in so many ways it is like nothing I (or probably you) have ever heard before. From the Prog like opening of “Fire True” they move into Nine Inch Nails industrial noise territory to 80s Rock guitar solos to Euro Pop, all in the same song.

On “Megalomanical” lead vocalist Greta Di Iacovo (a.k.a. Herma) sounds like a demented cross between Gwen Stefani, if Gwen was born from Saturn’s rings, and Hazel O’Connor if Hazel had been created by mad scientists on the dark side of the moon. Italy should choose Sick ‘N’ Beautiful to represent them at the next Eurovision Song Contest, it would never be the same again, thankfully.

Is there a song on this LP that wouldn’t stand up in its own right as a single? I don’t think so, this is a better record than some bands greatest hits collections. “Hellawake” is like Kate Bush fronting Europe produced by the Chemical Brothers. In a collection full of magnificent hooks and towering riffs “HeXxX (The Element Of Sex)” stands incredibly tall. Have you ever imagined what Lady Gaga could have become if she had turned to Hard Rock rather than the middle of the road direction that she ultimately took, well wonder no more; “New Witch 666” answers that question.

The twin guitar attack of Rev C2 and Lobo is relentless throughout and Evey on drums coupled with Big Daddy Ray’s bone shaking bass complete a Rock band that is not far from perfect. Personally I hope that they are unable to repair their spaceship, BFS9000, for many, many years. This will mean that they will need to remain on Earth so much longer before returning to their home planet of LV-426 ACHERON. ACHERON’s loss is definitely Earth’s gain.

I need, I mean really need to see Sick ‘N’ Beautiful playing live soon. A definite 5 out of 5 and if Thanos, Galactus, Emperor Palpatine and any of the other galactic powers had allowed it I would have awarded ‘Element Of Sex’ a 6 out of 5.

Review - Bill Adamson

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