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Gaz Coombes - 'Walk The Walk' Single Review

Gaz Coombes releases his new album “World’s Strongest Man” this month and the release is preceded by current single “Walk The Walk”.

I remember buying “Matador” in 2015 and thinking it was a bit hit and miss so I’ll admit I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic when I saw he was about to release a new album, but when I first heard this last week when the alarm went off and it was one of those “Sod it, I’ll deal with the traffic, I want to listen to this” moments.

While his vocal delivery has changed over the years, it’s clear that he still knows how to write a great song. From the funky intro leading into his laid back delivery and then onto the falsetto, it’s a great record…I was going to say Pop record but it’s just a great record full stop - one of those that makes you smile and forget about genre-cool.

I dare you to listen to this and not walk around all day with “maybe you’re the one who can walk the walk” running around your head and putting a wee spring in your step.

If the rest of the album is as good as this (I’ve pre-ordered it on the basis of this single), expect a glowing review coming your way soon.

Review - Chris Watson

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