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Spotlight On 'Record Store Day 2018'

Record Store Day 2018 is almost upon us, and for those of us who are already collectors or have a love for vinyl it is a major part of the year. However, there's a large percentage of the population left scratching their heads in wonderment of why people still care. Are records still relevant? Is there still call for them?

Well, in short, yes. Vinyl has made a huge resurgence in recent years with bands such as Iron Maiden doing re-release of their previous albums and new releases from a wide range of bands having a vinyl option.

For me, especially, a record is so much more special than a cd or download. There's the artwork, that lovely crackle as the record spins and the feel of not easily being able to skip a song assists with the concept of listening to a whole album rather than the songs you're most familiar with. You find an immense amount of gems doing this, with the majority of my favourite songs by bands not being their single release, but album tracks.

It is the idea of having a large, physical item for your music, having something to show for your money that is a big attraction. Agreed, cds do just that, but vinyl is on a whole other level.

Record Store Day gives people the chance to get their hands on special releases, limited edition records and picture discs as well as giving that sense of community that comes with music lovers all around the world.

If anything, that alone makes records just as relevant as ever. In a world where it's hard to meet like-minded people in a safe way, where people tend to keep to themselves and where people can be wary of meeting new people, something that can break these barriers is nothing but a good thing!

For more info on this years special releases, events within in your city, store locator and more follow the link -

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