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Holy Moly And The Crackers - 'Gravel Rag' Single Review

The high-octane six piece return with smoking new single 'Gravel Rag'. Inspired equally by the infamously wild nightlife of their hometown, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, and Jack White’s 'I’m Shakin'. 'Gravel Rag' plays on the punkish grunt of the band’s 2017 album 'Salem', whilst referencing the Folk and Blues tradition that the band root themselves in; indeed, the title comes from Charlotte Blake’s 1908 ragtime piano piece of the same name.

From the intro with bass drum and a bass slide, you know that Holy Moly And The Crackers are continuing where 'Salem' left off. The opening lyric is fun and playful. 'I got body electric, I'm raging with the desert heat. Digging and Dancing I'm dirty on downtown beat' delivered with Ruth's strong and rich voice. The track builds with catchy riffs to the chorus which will be stuck in your head and will cause involuntary foot spasms causing them to tap uncontrollably. 'Oh Rock me, give that gravel rag'

As always the whole band contributes to this number. The catchy beat has a rocking fiddle, relentless drums and brilliant accordion. This coupled with sliding down the fretboard of the bass and guitar, results in just under 3 minutes of pure high energy splendidness. It makes you yearn to spend just one wild night on the 'Toon' with, arguably the coolest band on the circuit'.

The shooting of the band and dancers on monochrome on the video adds to the whole cool vibe.

If this is a taster of the second album then there is currently a massive Holy Moly And The Crackers hole in my collection that needs filling. It seems that these cool cats can do no wrong!

Catch them live and share in the fun!

Check out the video for 'Gravel Rag'

Review - Tony Creek

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