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Sertari - 'Bright Star' EP Review


1. Bright Star

2. Flying High

3. Hero

4. Save Me

Bright cheery feel good music is something of a hidden pleasure for me; I won’t say guilty pleasure because I feel no guilt. That was why I jumped at the chance to review some.

Sertari is about as Pop as they come, 'Bright Star', the opening track sets its stall nice and early, you know exactly what you are getting, upbeat pure Pop. Thankfully no breathy vocals or affected voice here, just a proper voice.

'Flying High' reminds me of Hope and Social and Roxette, I have to admit I can do without the Rap section, it’s been done to death and was never that good. Other than that it’s another belter of a track.

'Hero', third track up slows it all down with its sparse piano intro; I feel a power ballad coming on! Nothing wrong with a power ballad and 'Hero' is in that territory, it has a Scandinavian feel about it if that makes sense?

This EP is not breaking new ground, it’s not going to suddenly convert you to a whole new genre, it’s not “breaking down barriers” (a phrase that makes me cringe), it simply is what it is and does it rather well.

Final track 'Save Me' brings us back up to speed, not as jolly as 'Bright Star' but still has a nice poppy feel to it.

Apparently as well as having a hell of a voice Sertari is rather good at martial arts which makes me pleased that I enjoyed her EP, I don’t want to get on the wrong side of her!

So in essence 'Bright Star' is a “Pop” EP, pure and simple, if you like that then you’ll love this. I can see this doing well in the charts. I hope so, it should.

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Review - Andrew Forcer

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