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Northern Captives - 'Nervous Energies' EP Review


1. White Lies

2. Nerves

3. You Are Spite

4. Habits, Phrases Quotes

5. Cinnamon

6. Benjamin

Forming in late 2016, Northern Captives have produced a true DIY labour of love EP. Recorded in a friends coffee shop after closing hours by singer Sam Cook and guitarist Shaun Banham, the writing, recording, mixing and mastering of the record has been kept exclusively in house.

With the online release set for 28th February 2018 - the 6 track EP ‘Nervous Energies’ merges 90’s Emo, Grungy-chorus heavy guitar tones, raucous Indie riffs, driven Punk Rock rhythm sections and have lyrics delivered with sincerity.

Kicking off with “White Lies” this seeps through Indie riffs from the start, the soothing vocals from lead singer Sam Cook are paired with a head bobbing beat make this a prefect way to start the “Nervous Energies”. We literally screech into “Nerves” a track which builds and builds, we get the hear the wide range of vocal talent from Sam in this track. Their DIY sounds stands up against any major label release - it’s live sound is like you are really there.

“You Are Spite” is Grungy and Punky all at the same time but we’ll always go back to an Indie chorus - making this track catchy, energetic and melodic. A potential single for the band maybe. The emotional track of “Nervous Energies” is “Habits, Phrases & Quotes”, you can feel the connection between the members and the sounds they are playing - it also mirrors the lyrics well.

Next to join this EP is “Cinnamon” another swing back to 90’s Emo, it’s hard hitting lyrics match with the drums that come blasting through feels Nothern Captives have the passion as well as the talent to go with it.

Finishing off with “Benjamin” a track which makes you want to jump around like your part of a 50,000 strong festival crowd. A spot on end to their first release.

If Northern Captives keep releasing EPs like the high standard of “Nervous Energies” it won’t be long until their Grungy-Indie sound will be making its way near you!

Review - Jake Williams

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