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CABBAGE​ Announce Debut Album 'Nihilistic Glamour Shots'

CABBAGE​ have just announced their debut album release, alongside a new single 'Arms Of Pleonexia'

The Mossley 5 piece have announced the arrival of forthcoming album 'Nihilistic Glamour Shots' (due March 30 via Infectious Music) with seditious new single 'Arms Of Pleonexia'. 'Nihilistic Glamour Shots', which has been produced by James Skelly and Rich Turvey at Parr Street Studios, draws the band's 6Music-playlisted singles 'Gibraltar Ape' and 'Celebration Of A Disease' together alongside 10 new tracks. The album is the culmination of a frenetic 24 month period which has seen Cabbage release five EPs, 36 singles and play well over 200 gigs. A statement from the band says; “Social constructs paint a world that uses glamour as a tool which at the core feels empty resulting in the topics that spread across our record. Our mantra is to keep on producing, there's too many psychopathic leaders with control over nuclear weapons to procrastinate, so at that it would be our humble gratitude for you to join us in support."


1. Preach To The Converted

2. Arms Of Pleonexia

3. Molotov Alcopop

4. Disinfect Us

5. Postmodernist Caligula

6. Exhibit A

7. Celebration Of A Disease

8. Perdurabo

9. Gibraltar Ape

10. Obligatory Castration

11. Reptiles State Funeral

12. Subhuman 2.0

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