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The Spook School Release New Single/Video 'Body'

Today The Spook School share the third single and video from their eagerly anticipated third album 'Could It Be Different?', due for release on 26th January via Alcopop! Records (UK) and Slumberland Records (US). Preorder now from: On the new track and video for 'Body' the band take on the subject of body dysphoria and body acceptance in their own gleeful way. Vocalist Nye Todd said of how the track's lyrics originated: “With 'Body' specifically, I wrote it from a kind of positive place, in that I’d been exercising lots and was proud of what I’d achieved and how much more capable I felt in my own body, but I was also aware of how much shame, dysphoria and internalised transphobia that I still felt towards myself. I got to wondering if everyone felt that to a certain extent, and that’s where the song lyrics kind of came from.”

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