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Harbour Sharks Release New Single/Video 'False Flags'

When governments disregard their citizens for their own greed, the music scene usually fronts the charge, voicing the repressed frustrations of the people. Harbour Sharks have risen to this with their new single 'False Flags'. A politically charged glimpse into a murky corner of Harbour Sharks psyche, with hushed shoulder-shuffle beats and infectious, echoing riffs, 'False Flags' bursts straight out of the gate. Packed with chugging guitars, foot stomping riffs and topical lyrics, the track sees Harbour Sharks slam the tabloid press, and urge listeners to ask questions of the media and their obscene coverage of global terrorist activity. Speaking of False Flags, Harbour Sharks explain the motivation for the new track: "False Flags was written in response to the ongoing terror attacks in the Western world and in particular how the information is handled by the media and it's subsequent audience. The message is to be sceptical, think critically and remind people that we are expendable pawns when it comes to war and profit."

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