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Chambers Release New Video For 'Down The Rabbit Hole'

Hull and Leeds based sister-Doom duo Chambers have revealed the video for their new single ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ which is out now via I’m Not From London Records.

Commenting on the inspiration behind the video for the track, the band said: “We filmed the video in four scenes which each highlight different moods and emotions experienced in relationships. The song was originally written with an Alice In Wonderland theme in mind. Sometimes in life you can feel like you're sinking down in to a bottomless pit, much like the one in Alice in Wonderland, where the more you worry about a situation, the worse it gets and you ultimately sink further and further in to a pit of self-doubt.” A dark, spiralling, Punk Rock jack-hammer of a track that shows yet another side to Chambers’ inventive approach to the alternative music spectrum, the single is all about people delving into situations they shouldn't be in, venturing further and further “down the rabbit hole”, in both a political and non-political sense.

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