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Joe Bonamassa - Sheffield Arena 24.04.2017


This Train

Mountain Climbing

Blues Of Desperation

No Good Place For The Lonely

How Deep This River Runs

Boogie With Stu

Never Make Your Move Too Soon

Angel Of Mercy

**Band Intros**

Love Ain't A Love Song

Dust Bowl

Little Girl

Going Down

How Many More



I will say straight off the bat that my musical tastes, while considered eclectic, do tend to side more with the world of Rock and Metal. But as I remain open to all genres I find myself at Sheffield Arena tonight ready to witness the Blues Rock legend that is Joe Bonamassa. The stage sits at the arenas half way point offering up a sense of scale but also allowing for a contradictory intimate setting. Tonights show has no support and no interval, instead what follows next is 2 plus hours of Blues heaven. Joe can only be described as a guitar wizard and I am quite simply left in awe as he works his magic. The seated audience don't make a sound as they remain fixated on Joe, he commands the stage as he showcases his talent.

The thing I've always struggled with when it came to Blues is the ungodly length of the songs. I often felt they lacked structure and essence, yet that mindset is eradicated when I witness Joe do his thing. Though still long, the songs never outstay their welcome. His solo's are simply stunning, he remains intricate and offers up interesting time signatures while never alienating his audience. Throw in the fact he has an incredible voice and you're looking at the full package. When I first heard that tonight offered no support or interval I felt it may fall into the realm of self indulgent, how wrong I was! If anything I find myself thinking that 2 plus hours isn't enough and when tonights show comes to an end, myself and the many around me find ourselves wanting more.

Reading back on this review I suppose it may seem overly indulgent towards Joe but I believe that is the effect he has. I went in not expecting much and came away a fan for life. He is humble and talented beyond belief. He has mastered his craft and knows his audience. Be it live or on CD I implore you to check Mr Bonamassa out and give him the time he deserves.

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