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Zebedy - 'Set The Pace' EP Review


1. Set The Pace

2. Of Revelations

3. In

4. Bloom

"Set the pace or let the pace set you!" screams the start of 'Set The Pace', the title track and opening hyperactive burst of energy from Zebedy.

The Welsh quartet describe themselves as "dynamic and progressive" with influences such as Biffy Clyro, Rueben and Fightstar, and they don't disappoint. They're full of tight, spiraling riffs and have a good ear for melody.

The title track shows a lot more non-Metal flavouring than I was expecting, kind of like Incubus meets At The Drive In, and that's cool by me. Main vocalist Jonny Harding-Smith can switch from full on screams to soothing melody with ease. Both him and Ben Chamberlain handle the riffs with absolute precision leaving Dave Harding-Smith and Tom Dyson on bass and drums respectively plenty of space to lock down a tight rhythm. All four of them provide vocals which also really help thicken the sound out.

'Of Revelations' carries on in a similar feel as the previous song, an impassioned chorus following schizophrenic verses. It's stop/start riff has me in mind of Coheed and Cambria, with an impassioned vocal over the top. These guys are tight with some really nice harmonies on it's bridge section.

'In' is a brief instrumental which acts as a lead in to final track 'Bloom'. "Patience, your time to bloom will come" croons Jonny before a whole slew of riffs kick off the song off into full on attack mode, giving the song plenty of twists and turns before it closes everything down in controlled manor.

If you need an early morning wake up call, these boys will certainly deliver it with style.

Check out their video for 'Set The Pace'

Review - Scott Hamilton

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