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Wolf Alice – 'Blue Lullaby' EP Review


1. No Hard Feelings

2. Lipstick On The Glass

3. How Can I Make It OK?

4. The Last Man On Earth

Wolf Alice’s new EP is a reworking of some of the songs from their last album, with the specific intention of stripping them back, focussing on the songs and creating some modern lullaby songs.

Does it work? Emphatically! Wolf Alice’s recent direction of travel has, I think, been to a quieter, more introspective type of music, this is a natural continuation of that. The songs are lovely, the acoustic playing tremendous and the singing exquisite.

The songs have changed while remaining the same songs, while these are lullaby songs they are very much adult lullaby songs, dealing with mature themes in a lush and almost indulgent way.

This is in some ways a surprising direction for the band to take, I can still remember watching them supporting the Foo Fighters at Wembley stadium and this EP is not something I would have expected that full on Rock band to have released, but this is a band who have matured, who have mastered the art of silence and who have confidence in their songs, their talent and their fans.

This is a lovely EP, one I can thoroughly recommend everyone to download or buy, it's lush, beautiful and always engaging. There is almost a Country feel to some of these songs now but also a feeling of a folkie vibe while also at one point reminding me of Sarah McLachlan but finishing with an almost gospel feel. It’s not an EP to put on if you want to jump about or dance but Wolf Alice have plenty of other songs out there for you to do that to. This is like a wrapping yourself in a duvet, sitting back and just melt into the music. Try it, I think you’ll enjoy it!

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Review - Iain McClay


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