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wars Release New Single 'A Hell Behind My Eyes'

wars have released a brand new track ‘A Hell Behind My Eyes’, the first instalment of ‘Chapter Three’ from their upcoming album 'A Hundred Shivers'.

“At some point, evidently, you have to stop saying 'it's a strange time to release music. As the UK at least comes in and out of lockdowns and teeters on the brink of better days before needing to sink back into isolation, we feel so lucky that we're able to actually do that now and finally begin the third chapter of 'A Hundred Shivers'. ’A Hell Behind My Eyes’ is our first single from it, and is a journey into the ravaged landscape that often lays beneath. Some of us have our hardest days underneath a cloak of 'hellos' and 'doing greats' and 'you toos', and in these times it can feel even more separate - like there's a whole world in our heads that swallows us up the moment it's given half a chance. It's also, hopefully, a message to those that are struggling, that they are not alone.”


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