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Voronoi - 'The Last Three Seconds' Album Review


I haven't heard anything from Voronoi before so I was coming into "The Last Three Seconds" with a clean palette. They seem to have been tarred with a variety of labels, used no doubt to try and work out how to describe the band, none of these labels feels quite accurate to any of the sensations I experienced listening to this album, to me, the band blend glitchy dub-step sounds with more traditional piano tones, fuzzed-up bass with more elegant clean walking bass, some adept and understated drumming which shows off only in the context of the melange of time signatures musical jump-cuts.

Voronoi definitely work in unusual, often deliberately jarring, time signatures with some intriguing tuning on the keyboards, almost like they are tuned to some other tuning standard or working in microtones.

In a very satisfying way, you will occasionally be plunged from gurgling fuzzy wonky piano and bass into a gentle, melodic piano which then (harmonically) goes off the rails, all while morphing into other timbres punctuated by some more brutally fuzzy bass.

This album definitely takes you on some wild journeys where familiarity is distorted and displaced then interrupted by some thoroughly intriguing stylistic jump-cuts.

It's hard to say too much about the album without beginning to dissect how the band has put together their somewhat unique approach, so I won't go into great depth in this review. It is instrumental music for the insane or the intellectual, or maybe just the open-minded, definitely worth a look, maybe it's not for everyone, but those who do like off-kilter rhythms and melodies will love it.

Review - Mike McLaughlin

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