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Vagrants Release Video For New Single 'You Still Linger'

Vagrants return with their new single “You Still Linger”. The song serves as the next evolution of the band’s sound, with intricate guitar and drum work supported by modern electronic elements. The emotionally charged lyrics found on the track dive deep into self-reflection and being able to grow from past experiences.

On the writing process of the track, vocalist/guitarist Jose DelRio stated:

"Writing this song served as a very "look in the mirror" moment for me; My whole life I've carried around insurmountable amounts of emotional baggage from trauma, and this song was my opportunity to put pen to paper and objectively try to process how it's affected me and every relationship in my life. This honest acknowledgement has allowed me to reconnect with myself and channel those feelings into a cathartic release. Visually, we hope it gives that vibe too. This is us holding nothing back, and wearing it all on our sleeves."


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