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UnityTX Release Video For New Single 'Burnout'

UnityTX have released new track 'Burnout' produced by Andrew Wade which confronts the very real issues of dissatisfaction at the state of the world.

"Burnout is the expression in dissatisfaction with the state of everything it takes to continue making strides in modern day society."

says vocalist, Jay.

"Feeling drained of waking up to do the same thing daily — where it feels like you lose yourself along the way. Looking in the mirror at yourself, wondering if the dread is brought upon by yourself or those who derive from your abilities. Struggles with maintaining a drive & balance to keep you afloat in your most hopeless moments. Taking those thoughts and reflecting on them with realizing why you even do it in the first place. Doesn’t matter what it is, everyone gets burned out on things when the control is out of their reach. But it’s up to yourself to keep a strong and wilful outlook to steer clear when hitting a roadblock — you just have to snap out of it to remember how far you’ve come. "


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