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TIGRESS Release Video For New Single 'F.L.Y.'

TIGRESS have released their new video for ‘F.L.Y.’ directed and produced by the band's very own Josh ‘JJ’ Coombes (FINCOTOWN productions) and features a hilarious cameo from vocalist Katy Jackson.

Speaking on their latest video, drummer and video director Josh Coombes comments:

"The original plan was to have the band appear throughout each scene, while the couple does their thing. However, a few days before we started shooting, Katy called me from A&E to tell me she had just broken both her wrists and nose... I needed to think of a way around this because she wouldn't be able to perform... A few scenes were re-written, some got scrapped while new ones went in, and we were good to go! We all wanted Katy to still be a part of it in some way, of course, so she has a little cameo in there somewhere… you’ll have to watch it to find out what it is!”

Katy comments on the themes of ‘F.L.Y.’ adding:

"I wanted to write a real love song about what it's actually like to be in a relationship. Most love songs are written about a new and fresh love. I'm in a relationship of 14 years, and this is the reality of what it's like. It's the truth and not a fantasy of a relationship." Jackson concludes "You don't wake up looking longingly in each other's eyes... F.L.Y. is a gritty badass love song."


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