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Those Damn Crows Release Video For New Single 'Let's Go Psycho!'

Welsh unstoppable force Those Damn Crows release their juddering new single 'Let's Go Psycho!', a rampant track set to bounce crowds to the heights of this year's Apex Stage at Download Festival.

Created by 12 Inch Media (Oasis, Bring Me The Horizon, Stereophonics), the video hits viewers with an epic dose of psychedelia, travelling through multiple realms and dimensions as the song explores the connection between humanity, God, and AI.


Produced by Dan Weller (Bury Tomorrow, Holding Absence), 'Let's Go Psycho!' is the first taste of new music from Those Damn Crows since their UK #3 album 'Inhale/Exhale' (of which an expanded edition, featuring stripped back and live versions of the album tracks alongside alternate mixes, was released earlier this year).


Frontman Shane Greenhall comments,

“This is a chaotic banger that we knew would be great live, which is why it's being released two days before our main stage performance at Download!
“'Let's Go Psycho!' is based on the idea of a 3-way conversation between Human, God and AI – which one of us is actually more 'God-like'? Did God lose control of the humanity he created – and will we one day lose control of AI where it will ask us (its maker) the same question?"
"The song, cover art, and video were inspired by an intense experience I had through a DMT trip. Multiple realities existed in one, and a jester was the puppeteer in control, showing me that there's choices and consequences to my decision making. He said we will always have two choices but only one decision to make: don't go psycho, or let's go psycho!
We’re unbelievably excited to show you what us Crows have up our sleeves. We are happy to announce that there’s more brand new music coming very soon as we’ve already started creating what will be our 4th studio album!"


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