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THECITYISOURS Release Video For New Single 'Violent'

THECITYISOURS share the first taste of new music since the release of their critically acclaimed debut album ‘LOW’ with the powerfully cathartic ‘Violent’. The track introduces new vocalist Oli Duncanson and is their first since signing to respected German Alternative/Metal label, Arising Empire.

‘Violent’ reflects on being present, accountable and more importantly, being able to learn from mistakes while continuing to grow for the better.

“'Violent' is arguably our most honest account as a band to date. Betrayal was never something we’d experienced before as a band, so dealing with events of this nature was a difficult but incredibly insightful process to experience. Theprogression from sadness to anger is always a difficult period to rationalise when contemplating the reasons for a relationship collapsing. In many cases, it’s clear that there are reasons or regrettable actions to contextualise a series of events. However, it does not mean that they hurt any less. This track lays it all out on the table, with a hope of providing some kind of solace for the pain, before picking ourselves back up and coming back, stronger than ever before.”


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