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The Struts Release Lyric Video For 'How Can I Love You (Without Breaking Your Heart)'

Hot off the release of their hugely acclaimed fourth album, 'Pretty Vicious', platinum-selling rock band The Struts are back with a new track that takes a refreshingly mellow detour for the irrepressibly flamboyant four-piece.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, ‘How Can I Love You (Without Breaking Your Heart)’ is an achingly sincere song that ruminates on handling a heart with care when caution is all you have to offer. The track showcases the ever-evolving songwriting brilliance of the quartet, with gorgeous instrumentation and a wonderful vocal performance from singer Luke Spiller.

“’How Can I Love You (Without Breaking Your Heart)’ is a brutally honest song that takes me right back to that moment when the phrase came to me,”

Spiller explains.

“It has a Rod Stewart vibe to it, which is definitely something we haven't done before. I also adore the backing vocal section, which has a Fleetwood Mac feel that’s never a bad thing. The lyric was laboured over for a long time, which I hope people will appreciate.”


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