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The Slow Readers Club - 'Knowledge Freedom Power' Album Review


1. Modernise

2. Afterlife

3. Sacred Song

4. Lay Your Troubles On Me

5. How Could You Know

6. Knowledge Freedom Power

7. What Might Have Been

8. Seconds Out

9. Forget About Me

10. No You Never

So do you know The Slow Readers Club? Quite possibly not, if you don’t their new album is a brilliant introduction to what they’re all about while clearly stretching them and moving them on as a band. Should you know The Slow Readers Club? Quite simply yes. This is a band who can sell out quite large venues but who don’t seem to register with some of the main stream media. That’s the main stream media’s loss! Maybe it’s time they wake up though, if there’s any justice this band should be troubling the charts and a number of radio stations while being on multiple streaming playlists.

They write anthemic Indie Rock music with an electronic underpin, sweeping yet intimate, loud and yet quiet, if you’re looking for references to who they might sound a bit like think the Editors, the Killers and, at times, Echo and the Bunnymen but then forget all of that, they are very much their own band and comparing them to anyone else is a waste of time.

This is an album stuffed full of sing along songs but also quiet and intimate moments, moments when you feel it just all comes together and you can’t help wondering why this band are not much bigger than they actually are? They have a way with lyrics that drags you in and makes you want to try to understand what they’re signing about, you may understand it, you may not, but what you can get is just how good they are at what they do, there is genuine skill in how they put their songs together, you can sense the love and effort that’s gone into this album, it’s been worth it, it’s a great album.

I said earlier the album moves them on as a band, that’s because they really trust their instincts as to when to crank it up but then slow it right down, when to focus on the groove and when to go full sing along. They still have the knack of writing songs that draw you in and make you want to sink into this album but there are moments where all you want to do is dance, then there are the moments when it all feels more emotional, more introspective. They are slowly evolving but at the core of it all is great songwriting, great playing and great vocals.

Top songs on this album? I honestly don’t think there’s a weak link but standouts for me are 'Modernise', 'Lay Your Troubles On Me', 'How Could You Know' and the title track which bizarrely sounds like an 80’s anthem while being totally current and relevant.

This is not disposable music, it’s music you need to take time over, to respect and ultimately, enjoy!

The band are about to head out on tour in support of their new album, see you there? But make sure you get your tickets early, it will sell out. More and more people are getting just how good this band are. Buy or download the album, see them live, do both, it’s time to join the club.

Review - Iain McClay


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