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The Slow Readers Club – '91 Days In Isolation' Album Review


As a band whose last album went to 10 you would imagine that The Slow Readers Club must have high hopes for this new album.

This album was written during lockdown and then recorded when the band were able to see each other again and there is only one word for it, it’s a triumph.

Stylish, atmospheric, at times brooding and consistently excellent, if this doesn’t keep The Slow Readers Club’s career going in the right direction nothing will.

There are changes of pace throughout this album, starting with the first song, 'Barricades', which I still can’t decide whether it’s political (which is how it sounds on the first few listens but I began to suspect a deeper meaning) or someone building up their own personal barricades to cope with this mad world we currently live in, through the next song, 'Everything I Own' (one of the best songs on the album in my opinion), 'The Greatest Escape', 'Wanted Much More', to my own personal favourite, 'Two Minutes Hate' and onwards it just a pleasure to listen to. There isn’t a weak song, no filler, just quality music.

Clearly the band won’t get to play this music live any time soon but it does feel like when they do this music will blow audiences away, meantime it should trouble the upper reaches of the charts once more. Expect big sales and lots of radio play, this is an album that deserves it.

Review - Iain McClay


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