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The Red Clay Strays Release Video For New Single 'Devil In My Ear'

The Red Clay Strays have released the brand new song ‘Devil In My Ear’. Written by guitarist Drew Nix, ‘Devil In My Ear’ explores the profound effects of depression, anxiety and self-doubt.

Reflecting on the song, Nix shares,

“‘Devil in My Ear’ is a song that came to me during a time when I was trying to figure out why somebody who was dear to me, and many others, would take their own life. Somebody who, even with superb talent, a loving family, and good friends thought their life either wasn’t worth living anymore or they were experiencing a pain so severe internally that they could no longer live with it. This song is dedicated to the people who have had these thoughts and moments where they feel like their life doesn’t matter enough to stick around. Please stick around. Somebody loves you. Those thoughts are lies and things will get better. God bless.”


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