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The Rasmus Release Video For New Single 'Venomous Moon' Featuring Apocalyptica

'Venomous Moon' is the second single from The Rasmus' upcoming album, recorded during the pandemic, with the band members being stranded in Hawaii, Helsinki and Sydney and with the producer Joshua in England. It is co-produced by Martin Hansen who has worked with The Rasmus on four albums, including their breakthrough single 'In the Shadows'. Hansen has also worked with Apocalyptica before, who contribute their trademark intense cello riffs to the track. The Rasmus’ singer Lauri Ylönen and Apocalyptica have previously joined forces on the songs 'Bittersweet' and 'Life Burns'.

“'Venomous Moon' is about isolation and being separated from the world, but I wrote it before the virus came along. I must have caught a glimpse of the future, which then added a whole new layer of melancholy to the song,”

explains singer Lauri Ylönen.


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