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The Orphan The Poet Release Video For New Single 'Daisies'

The Orphan The Poet, release new single 'Daisies'.

“‘Daisies’ is about two people— a shy wallflower not sure how to ‘let go’ and a free spirit who’s never known a high they didn’t chase. What I love about the song is that it really captures my identity crisis of figuring out which one of those characters I see in the mirror each day. We wrote and produced the song in our home studios which is one of my favourite ways to work— there's a certain freeness to chase sounds or ideas we might not otherwise. And I think that comes across in Daisies. From nods to classic songs to lyrics pulled from our fav movies, we left a few Easter eggs for fans to find…”,

comments vocalist David Eselgroth on the track.


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