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The Menstrual Cramps Release New Single 'Abortion'

Bristol-based punk band The Menstrual Cramps are proud to reveal their new single ‘Abortion’, on new label home Alcopop! Records.

Commenting on the new track, vocalist Emilia Elfrida says:

“I wrote the song ‘Abortion’ when debates started happening in the run up to the Roe v Wade overturn in America—Roe v Wade had guaranteed a constitutional right to abortion, that was subsequently overturned in 2022, denying millions of people the right to have an abortion in America. Although in England abortion is legal, you still need to get two doctors’ permission and specific grounds need to be met. You cannot legally have an abortion in England just because you want one."
"This song is a response to these archaic rules, and for me to break the taboos around having abortions, to open up discussions about my experiences having had two abortions, and to fight for everyone to have the right to have abortions. As the song says ‘I’ve had an abortion, no I’ve had two, if you don’t like it, then fuck you.'”


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