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The Lunar Year - 'The Lunar Year' EP Review


1. Back For More

2. When The Sun Fades 3. You Don't Miss Me

4. Nothing

5. Medicine

6. Boys Will Cry

This debut EP from Connor Ball of The Vamps and Sasa Macek of Cheat Codes is a fantastic introduction to a very interesting new band. The feeling of this EP is towards the Punk end of Pop Punk at times but it’s always highly accessible and an entertaining body of music. The lyrics deal with some deep emotional issues but no song has just one feel to it, one meaning or emotion, they are all multidimensional, forcing you to think about what they are singing about.

There are several standout songs on this EP, but it almost feels churlish to pick them out as there isn’t a weak link on this EP. It feels like the band are enjoying themselves, exploring their music and the emotional connection they can develop with their audience. Some of the lyrics are ambiguous and open to multiple interpretations but that’s what so good about this EP, it feels like there is something here for everyone!

If I had to choose, which I am reluctant to, I would say may favourite songs are 'Back For More' and 'You Don’t Miss Me' but there genuinely isn’t a weak song here, any one of these songs could easily become your new favourite song.

Personally I don’t think Connor’s vocals have sound this engaged, this insistent and emotional before, it’s like something has been triggered in him that’s opened an emotional connection I’ve not heard before.

You may come to this EP because you’re a fan of The Vamps or Cheat Codes but you’ll soon realise this is a great band in their own right, they are currently recording their debut LP, I for one can’t wait to see what they do next!

Review - Iain McClay


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