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The Calls - 'Velvet Morning' Single Review

Up and coming Leeds band The Calls have a released a new single, their cover of The Verve’s 'Velvet Morning'. Personally I think that’s a brave call, lots of people love the Verve intensely and there is a thin line to walk when covering their songs between pastiche, being too reverential and not sounding enough like yourself. Many bands have tried to cover songs by existing great bands and too often have come unstuck.

So how have The Calls managed to make it sound both familiar and unique? It sounds like The Verve went out with the Jesus and Marychain, Teenage Fanclub and possibly Embrace and had a bastard child called Velvet Morning but all with something unique that is clearly all The Calls. It’s languid and intense, quiet and loud, melodic and verging on psychedelic and the soundtrack of a great indie movie surely beckons?

Until this single I hadn’t heard of The Calls but as they are Leeds based, which is relatively close for me, I’m going to be keeping a close eye on their development, if they can write as well as they sing, play and adapt they are going to be a band worth watching!

Personally I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this single, The Calls will launch the single at The Packhorse in Leeds on Friday 15 September with support from The Strays and Paddy Kerins. If you’re about and able to make it I’d suggest it’s well worth being there! I’m currently in negotiations about what I have planned for Friday night…. Hopefully see you there!

Review - Iain McClay


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