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The Cadillac Three - NX, Newcastle 09.05.2024

As the album title and tour state 'The Years Go Fast' it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s been almost two years since I last saw The Cadillac Three just up the road at the City Hall and like then the Nashville trio are welcomed to the stage like long lost family by the Geordie throng!

Jaren Johnston is as cool as ever, shades on and cap backwards he effortlessly traverses the stage working the crowd, chucking out the riffs and singing lyrics that whilst predominantly steeped in the Southern states still strike a chord with people worldwide!

Kelby Ray and Neil Mason provide the bookends either side of the stage Neil opting for the modest drum riser almost floor level keeping that close intimate feel of the band while he beats the crap out of the kit without missing a beat. And Kelbys lap steel playing absolutely gives me shivers from note one. But it’s also nice to see him come down front stage and don a bass guitar for the likes of 'Tabasco & Sweet Tea'.

'Double Wide Grave' from 'The Years Go Faster' is a fantastic amalgam of a chunky rock guitar riff solid back beat but a pure harmony country vocal - til the chorus which then kicks you in the teeth again! Marvellous stuff !!

Personal highlight was 'White Lightning' it’s just one of those songs that can bring the room together (as the Dude would say) and just resonates with me for some reason. 'Tennessee Mojo' rattles the rafters with its Physical Graffiti esque stride and to be honest for a three piece they sound twice that at least. A band that has no set list and changes it up nightly TC3 are always full of surprises but I think they’ll always have that closing anthem 'The South' as long as they are a band it’s like a universal rally cry.

I recently posted a photo from the gig and a guy in the USA asked if we sang along with it over here and I have to say we certainly do BIG STYLE I think it’s one of those sentiments "this is where I was born this is where I’ll die" where if you’re proud of your roots those words may well have been written in Nashville but can be just as meaningful in London, Paris, Sydney, Rome and right here in our wonderful city of Newcastle where it echoed out throughout The NX tonight ! Not only do ,The Years Go Faster, but so do the two hours we’ve been enthralled for!

The cool air of the toon streets is quite welcome on my face as I make my way home thinking just how quickly it all flies by.

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