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Teri Gender Bender- 'Outsiders' EP Review


1. You Won The Man

2. Stupid Love Song

3. Sideways

4. What Do You Want Me To Do

5. Walk Into My Everything

Teri Gender Bender is clearly on a roll, this is the second EP to be released this year, a level of artistic commitment that’s almost Prince like in its productivity!

I was lucky enough to review the first EP released this year, 'Catspeak', which is tremendous so I approached this EP with a mix of anticipation and nervousness, after something so good would the quality control remain as high? I really hoped so but you never know whether someone has overstretched themselves, thinking they're in the zone but not maintaining the same level.

Opening song 'You Won The Man' instantly banished my nervousness, it’s prefect, with hints of the Velvet Underground and a lyric clearly aimed at suburban bliss, it’s pithy, stylish and perfectly arranged, once you hear it you will be hooked!

The rest of the EP is just as strong, mixing more upbeat and slower numbers but with a lyrical impact that will wake you up, get you thinking and also get you moving. I think 'You Won The Man' is my favourite song on this EP but it’s pushed hard by the other four songs, 'Stupid Love Song', 'Sideways', 'What Do You Want Me To Do' and 'Walk Into My Everything'. If I had to to pick a second favourite it would be 'What Do You Want Me To Do' but there really isn’t a weak track!

Given Teri has effortlessly issued two top rank EP’s this year would it be rude of me to ask for a third? When something is this good I can’t help quoting Oliver Twist, please Teri, can I have some more? Some UK dates would be excellent as well.

Review - Iain McClay


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