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tAKiDA Release New Single 'Your Blood Awaits You'

tAKiDA, one of Sweden’s top rock bands, released a sentimental standalone single entitled "Your Blood Awaits You” – an irrefutable radio hit! The band has been regularly leading radio airplay charts over the years, and their previous single “The loneliest hour”has been their biggest radio success so far in Germany (hitting #1 on German Rock Airplay Charts). tAKiDA has six platinum singles (one of them 4x platinum), three platinum albums and five #1 albums under their belt, and their new material is surely living up to their previous successes.

tAKiDA on “Your blood awaits you”:

”’Your blood awaits you’ is a story about a mother facing the tough challenge of raising and supporting her rebellious daughter as a single parent. The daughter tests many boundaries before running away from home and subsequently getting involved in a destructive life that includes drugs, violence, and the wrong circle of friends. Simultaneously, a worried and heartbroken mother struggles to try to forgive and love her child once again.”


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