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Spotlight: Our Must See Bands At Slam Dunk Festival 2022

Slam Dunk is almost here and in anticipation the team have got together and put their thoughts forward on the must see bands at this years festival. Do you agree with their picks?

The Story So Far

Perfect summer Pop Punk songs which make it perfect for a festival in the sun. The band always has great stage presence. Early on in the day so sets the rest of the day up nicely. (Get you in the festival mood) - Kensey Bailey

Yours Truly

Fun Aussie band who will be moving higher up lineups and hitting bigger venues pretty quickly! - Paul Lyme

MC Lars

So much fun, and perfect to bounce along to with a cold pint! - Vikki Holding


He’s gone from strength to strength after bursting onto the scene in the last couple of years, collaborating with Travis Barker who is known for working with some of the best up and coming talent. Kenny has more energy than he knows what to do with and it reflects in his live performances, go and see him! - Sam Robinson

The Bronx

Possibly the greatest live Punk bands around at the minute pure carnage (in a good way) and criminal that they’re on so low on the bill early in the day. - Gordon Armstrong

Cancer Bats

I got to see them in 2019 and the entire set was just insane. High energy, loads of interacting with the audience and they played some of my favourite songs and even their beastie boys cover! - Luna Louise

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

One of the most fun bands I’ve seen live. Mixture of Pop Punk and Metal, perfect for Slam Dunk. These French guys know how to put on a show! - Gordon Rae

The Interrupters

High energy, bouncy, great songs. - Dave Shipley


It is going to go off! Every time I have been lucky enough to see these guys live they have not disappointed. Off the back of their recent album 'Below', these guys feel like they're unstoppable! - Sean Friswell


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