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SNAYX – 'Weaponised Youth: Part 1' EP Review


1. Work

2. Body Language

3. Deranged

4. Weaponized

5. Buck

Every so often you listen to someone new and think, wow!

This is very much one of these times. I’d never heard of this band before, I have to ask why not? The sound of dissatisfaction, alienation, anger and the reality of life for far too many in this country, this is quite simply an amazing EP.

SNAYX (if I’m honest I’ve no idea how to pronounce their name, I’m not sure about it but I think it will grow on me, I hope!) have produced an EP of diverse styles but which is clearly grounded in Rock, Punk and the tradition of English whimsy. At times it sounds like the Jam, at times like Green Day with hints of the Kinks and Muse but it’s clearly all their own work.

It’s Pop, it’s Punk, it’s New Wave, it’s Rock, it’s quite simply worth listening to.

If this is their first effort what else do they have in their locker?

As I said I’d not heard of this band before but I’d love to see them live, if they can replicate this EP live then they are going to be awesome live!

I think the first song, 'Work', is my favourite, very Jam and Clash like, but it’s like picking your favourite child, when the next song sounds a bit like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers you get the feeling there is nothing this band can’t do?

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Review - Iain McClay


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