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Lauren Ann Releases New Single 'Bite'

Belfast based Lauren Ann is an alternative, indie artist whose music is packed full of garage rock exuberance and grunge dynamics, brought together with a dreamy pop edge. Having grown up listening to artists such as Nirvana, Pixies and The Cure, Lauren infuses her music with a 90’s tinge, delivering a refreshing yet nostalgic sound.

Her latest single “Bite” is the second track from her upcoming concept EP. Each song is inspired by one of the deadly sins, with her previous single “Need” symbolising greed and “Bite” focusing on wrath.

The songwriter shares, 

“In a way I’ve created a character or alter ego who experiences all of the sins in some way. Some of the songs are also about the different types of people I have met in my own life. I feel like everyone has encountered negative feelings of greed, wrath, pride etc. at some point in their life.”


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