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SKRAM Release New Single 'Serendripity'

SKRAM are a Wellington, New Zealand based band whose vibrant and energetic music provides an exploration of the journey of life and its many intricacies. United, Henry Ashby and Felix Nesbitt, alongside performing members including Ruby Fraser, Dylan Jennings and more, deliver wholesome songs that connect with your inner-child, weaving in vulnerable, honest and passionate themes. SKRAM’s passionate epic pop sound is laced with rock and indie influence, brought together with a combination of emphatic vocals, dynamic rhythms and memorable melodies. 

Their latest single “Serendripity” is a chaotic and fun experience and a total mood-booster. Oozing with confidence, the quirky track is a reminder to never forget the importance of your self-image and self-worth. “Serendripity” or 'serendipitous drip,' is the idea of wearing whatever you want, feeling safe and confident when venturing into the world. The act of wearing what you want, the "drip," becomes a medium through which you express your unique identity and personality. “Serendripity” celebrates the freedom to make choices based on your own tastes, rather than conforming to societal expectations or trends.

Lead singer Henry Ashby shares,

“The first time I put bright sparkly blue eyeliner on I had a war with myself, loving the way I looked but also being terrified of how others would judge me as a man wearing makeup. As I started to put myself out there more and explore my feminine side, I found I became more confident with my chaotic style, and I began to feel more comfortable actually expressing myself. Serendripity is a call out to people to help others feel like they can be whoever they want to be and wear anything they think is cool, even if it’s insane.”


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