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Shelf Lives Release Video For Single 'PVC Real Estate'

Already making their mark on the scene with a uniquely extroverted brand of brash and catchy punk, London-based duo Shelf Lives have released the video for “PVC Real Estate” - a track taken from the bands' acclaimed EP “You OK?” which was released in October 2023 via Modern Sky.  

Speaking on the single, Shelf Lives said

“PVC Real Estate is essentially about LA’s growing homeless population, specifically focusing on the city's struggle with maintaining its glamourous façade despite it. It highlights the dark contrast of hitting rock bottom and being homeless in a city that is often glamorized for its sunny and luxurious lifestyle. We paired the California dreamin’ and sunny disposition that permeates the city with lyrics that touch upon the persistent ‘itch’, both from drug addiction and the desire to "make it" in LA, contributing to the complexities of being a resident of the city as well as the homeless experience.

Director Holly Hunter added,

“I loved the song’s concept that LA is an artificial set, built to appear perfect and pristine, but in reality, there’s a lot of fakery and facade going on! We brought this to life by playfully creating a hyper-real California beach constructed totally out of trash and repurposed materials (complete with a team of LA street cleaners) and put Shelf Lives at the heart of the LA fantasy.”


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